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Sanganeri Print

So here is another article to introduce to you a very famous art form of Rajasthan the “Sanganeri Print”, sometimes known as block printing, in this various design patterns are printed on white background with the help of bright colors.


And after reading this blog you will become a fan of the art and your room will surely be ready to be decorated by bed covers, quilts and curtains ect. And for your personal styling you can have sarees, dupattas, shirts, salwar kameez, dresses, skirts,  scarves and many more of Sanganeri print.  

Sanganeri print has its origin from a town situated south of Jaipur named “Sanganer”.  The town is famous for its textile industry, homemade paper manufacturing and the Jain temples, the other two will come in my next blogs.  The printing and its process is one of its kind that makes it so unique that it has been allotted an geographical indication (It is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess uniqueness particular to that origin). 


 Like all other art forms of Rajasthan “Sanganeri Print” is also a very old art which is at least 500 Years old.  Families engaged with this art have handed over their art to the following generation as in from parent to child so that the art remains alive and with the family.


The reason behind the geographical settlement is somewhat due to the availability of water, now you might be thinking every settlement of human society is based on water availability, but here the art form is also reliant on the water. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has also described this art form in 


its report as, "Shades of black come out best after washing the cloth in the waters of Sanganer."


The process of creating a Sanganeri artwork is based on three main constituents namely the cloth, the dye and the wooden blocks.


The Blocks

Blocks are the main tools of the printer; these are carved from the teak wood and come in various shapes – circular, square, triangular and semi-circular etc.


The blocks have two sides one is the side where handle is attached and on the other side decorative pattern is engraved by the use of steel chisels. Two or three holes are also drilled in the block for the air flow and flow of access color. Now a day’s metal sheet are also used on the blocks for fine prints.


The Dye

Vibrant colors of Sanganeri print provide them the world known uniqueness. Earlier the colors were made from vegetable colors which are natural this also made the finished product spread a pleasant fragrance.  In the recent times with the advent of machines and higher demand most of the artisans have started the use of chemical and artificial colors.



The cloth

The fabric used in the Sanganeri print is mostly linen, cotton and silk, which is of varying count depending on the demand and art to be printed.


The Process

The process starts with washing of the fabric which frees it from the dust and starch. The fabric is then soft bleached, again boiled and washed, then left to dry.


Once the cloth dries it is then stretched on a printing table and fastened by small pins.


With the help of proper tools the areas to be printed are marked and spaces are left for further use of the fabric. The artist then dips the block of a particular design selected for the product and stamps the design on the cloth, he presses it hard so the color is even at all 



Usually the printing process is carried out from left side to the right. The fabric is then dried in sun so that the color gets fixed and the transfer to other areas when folded. A last wash and ironing makes the product ready for your use at homes.


The Sources of Inspiration

The art is greatly inspired by the Royal patronage and heritage of

Rajputana (Rajasthan) and Mughal traditions.


The Hint

To differentiate between Sanganeri print and other printing style you can check the background of the print or the color of the fabric.


Sanganeri printing can be recognized by their white background and Bagru Print is found on black and red background.


It will be a great addition to your wardrobe as it is easy to wear, lightweight to beat the summer heat and make people envy your royal appeal of comfort and creativity.  


So, hope you liked the effort, please write your reviews in the comment box so I can solve your queries. If anyone interested in buying the same can get it touch with me for some quality and authentic links to the sellers..wink....