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Thewa Jewellery

Firstly sorry for the delay in writing the new post, it takes time to search valuable information for you all. Now when I have it I will make sure I put   it in the best way possible to make you well informed…..


 So here is my latest discovery in the sand dunes of Rajasthan/Rajputana, have you ever heard of “Thewa  Jewellery”, if “Yes” then let me tell you some secrets and if “No” then this is the place where you will know  everything about it.


Thewa is an art form that binds Traditional Indian jewellery designs with the Mughal jewellery art found  only in Pratapgarh district of Rajputana/Rajasthan (India). The art form was originally developed by Nathu  Ji Soni who was the jeweller of Royal Family, the process and its secrets passed through the generations  and remained in the family.


About Thewa Jewellery 


Rajputana has been famous for its passion for jewellery; both men and women have a range of options to wear on different occasions. Thewa jewellery is a 500 year old art that has its own place in the household collections of jewellery in Rajasthan, also its demand have risen from all over the world in the recent times.

Thewa is an art of precisely infusing 23K gold on colourful gasses to create a magnificent piece of jewel that beautifies its possessor. The entire process to create the masterpiece is done by hands and takes a lot of man hours to complete. In the recent past the jewellers have started combining the Thewa art with other jewellery making forms like kundan and meena work.

The finished art is not just a piece of jewellery that beautifies your looks but it also has some story to tell about the scene encrypted in the design. The Thewa artwork follows themes based on two categories one of which displays the stories of bravery and romance of Royalties of Rajput Families and other projects the beautiful nature and its flora and fauna. So the next time you go for shopping keep in mind that you have an item to purchase that will steal the show in your next get together.




As a traditional art Thewa jewellery had a small customer base earlier that was around the local public, the people who knew the place went to the artist and gave orders. With changing time the art is easily available to anyone around the world as the artisans have gone hi-tech and sell their fabulous art online.


The pricing is very much different from different sellers as you can see from varius online shopping sites. Some sellers exporting the product sell it at 3-5 times higher to the overseas buyer in comparison to local buyers, for such pricing the reason is more disposable income in other countries and thier lack of knowledge about the product. 


On the other hand authentic pricing is only defined by the amount of gold used, complicated design, amount of labour spent on each artwork and the profit expected by the seller. To give you a clear idea of what will be real price, I have given some images here of the product with price range it should fall from the authentic seller.


Before buying any of the thewa jewellery you must always cheak the source for authenticity, with the increase in popularity of the thewa many immitations of the same are available at very cheap prices. Most of the immitations use cheap metals and materials which will be a complete waste of money. My tip for buying, try going for known jewellers, or you can ask local friends to help and last but not the least try getting in touch with me wink and i will make sure you get what you want..


How Thewa jewellery is made

Thewa jewellery is an artistic fusion of gold, silver, coloured glass and strings of beads and stones. The gold is beaten to thin a sheet which is about tenth of millimetre on a working plane made by lac (terracotta).  


Once the gold is heated it sticks to the plate and is ready to sketched and cut into design pattern as required by the artesian. The design is carefully carved as any deviation from the design results in repetition of the entire process.


The design carved out is then placed on the coloured glass of choice and bonded to it by a secret technique only known to the family. The whole unit is then placed into silver case which is known as ‘chandi ki dibiya’. The art uses minimal amount of gold but the finished product gives an impression of gold rich heavy ornament. The Thewa is best suited for current scenario of high gold prices as it gives higher value at lower price.


So, hope you liked the effort, please write your reviews in the comment box so I can solve your queries. If anyone interested in buying the same can get it touch with me for some quality and authentic links to the sellerswink...