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Royal Recipes

Kachar Hari Mirch ki Sabzi (Local and Original)

So here is another delicacy from the Rajputana (Rajasthani) Kitchen. Indian kitchens all over, exclusively in cities have started relying on a few vegetable throughout the year.


People with advent of modernisation are just flocking behind all packed proteins and vitamins forgetting everything about the variety of vegetables available in the local markets that were earlier an important part of the cuisine.


 My wish, hope everyone tries to take time and get to rural markets and get back the taste of local, traditional and seasonal vegetables.


Coming back to our topic,  Kachar Mirch is a dish very famous in rural areas of Rajputana(Rajasthan), I am adding a few pics of the raw vegetable so you get an idea of how Kachar looks like.




Kachar  7-8

Hari Mirch (Green Chilli) 5-6

Jeera ¼ tsp

Rai ½ tsp

Hing ½ tsp

Haldi Powder ½ tsp

Salt Acc to taste

Dhaniya powder 2 tsp

Garlic Paste 1tsp

Oil 4tbsp




To start with, take kachar and peel it as shown in the picture, once the kachar are peeled slice them into small dicks shape pieces. Now take fresh green chillies and cut them into small round shapes. Keep kachar and chillies aside till we make our spices ready.

To start cooking, take a pan and pour some oil in it let it heat. Add Jeera, Rai and Heeng to the oil, once the spices starts popping add the Kachar and Mirch that we have kept aside and start mixing. Now add Coriander Powder, Garlic paste, Haldi powder and salt to taste and mix well. Cook the mixture for few more mins.


The dish is now ready to be served hot with "Bajre ki Roti". Do write comments to get any help on the dish if you need...Happy eating...smiley