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Khamma ghani/ Hello/ Namaste, i am here to take you for a beautiful journey. I made this blog to introduce you to Rajputana, its vast traditio...

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My Blog and You

Khamma Ghani/ Namaste/ Hello To everyone..


Welcome to my space “Rajputna Homes”, a place where you will get in touch with the true taste, culture and tradition of Rajputana (Rajasthan). So let’s start the journey together…...


Have you ever been to Rajasthan or are you planning a trip to the land of maharajas, even if you are a resident here is an all in one guide for everything that you need to know to make your journey a colourful and wonderful life time memory. I will let you know everything that you may not know or your guide will not tell you in your journey… hush hush secrets about, places to visit in Rajasthan, the secrets of shopping in Rajasthan, how to spend and where too, royal recipes of food and drinks that you can take back and experience at your home and much more. Here is a glimpse of what I have for you: 


Royal Receipes:

A Royal recipe category to cater your royal appetite, there will be lots of blogs giving your kitchen skill a whole new dimension. 


Royal Beverages:

A category dedicated to serve you the refreshing aroma from the oasis of Rajputana (Rajasthan).


Royal Home Decor:

This will be a segment to guide you to resurrect your royal dreams by blending modern home décor with traditional touch of Rajputana (Rajasthan).


Royal Jewellery and Fashion:

This will be a category which will make the girls and Baisa’s delight, but may loosen some weight from gent’s pocket. Designs and jewellery option from all over Rajputana (Rajasthan).


Mother Care:

Modern day technology is very advanced but people do believe in the traditions of the past, to make your baby healthy there will be surely some handy tips you can get in this section. 


I hope you will surely enjoy the efforts made by me, I wish this blog of mine will guide you well on how to plan your trip to Rajasthan and enjoy its beauty, peace and tranquillity. Also I will make sure it helps you to choose and be a proud owner of handicraft, jewellery, paintings, pottery and kitchen tools.


iam Swaroop Rathore born in a Rajput Family of Nagour Graduated from Sophia College Ajmer. Welcome to the land of Maharajas and Maharanis, not to forget the young blood of Rajputana the Bannas and Baisas.  Please do follow my blog and keep on writing comments so I can relate my work to your needs, you can also write to me at