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Khamma ghani/ Hello/ Namaste, i am here to take you for a beautiful journey. I made this blog to introduce you to Rajputana, its vast traditio...

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Royal Center of Entertainment ‘The Raj Mandir’

Khamma Ghani/Hello and Namaste to all, in this blog I will introduce you to a beautiful piece of architecture and entertainment located in the very heart of the pink city. The Royal heritage of the Rajputana (Rajasthan) is magnificent but it also has some beautiful building constructed recently. Raj Mandir was conceptualised in the mind of Shri Mehtab Chand Golcha who wanted to build a place for cinema lovers that leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of its visitors. It took almost 10 years and lots of creativity to build this marvel which attracts people from all over the world still today. It is considered to be the “Pride of Asia”, for its finest and detailed architecture.


I have been to the theatre many times but this time it was special as I went for all those who are following my blog and waiting for details of new places. First thing is first people visit this theatre not to see movie but to get an experience, so most of the people are those who just want to see the beautiful Raj Mandir, and yes I have seen this as most of the tourists leave the theatre before the intermission. 


So let’s start the journey, when you visit Raj Mandir don’t forget to book your ticket in advance (I booked mine and it helped a lot), people stand in line for upcoming shows and there are huge lines and few tickets. One more thing for the visitors, don’t carry any eatable or large luggage or you will spend a lot of time at checking counter. Once you enter, first you are greeted by a big hall with two floors of seating and snacks counters.

It has a beautiful staircase with fully illuminated banisters waiting for your entry.  The place has a beautiful seating arrangement, though less seats, but who cares you will be busy clicking picture of yours with the various backgrounds to grab most out of Raj Mandir’s beauty. When you think you are done with exploring the beauty you will be amazed to see the roof, beautiful chandeliers will keep you looking up for a while towards the enormous domes in the ceiling. Everything is artistically beautified by the use of colourful mirrors an old form of art based in Rajasthan.

Next, the gates to the auditorium open 10-15 Minutes before the beginning of the movie. You can wait to avoid the crowd and get a calm entry. The auditorium is like a big meringue highlighted with white, soft pink and blue colours. Also adding to its beauty are the swirls on the walls which give a feel of creamy, tasty frosting on the wall. The most important highlight of the auditorium is the beautiful red velvet curtain which goes up slowly when the screen starts running, it an amazing moment with people clapping and whistling.


* One thing that will let you down is the comfort of the seats, the spaces between the seats and the cushioning in the seats is not comfortable enough to keep you steady for 2 to 3 hour movie.


Now some interesting facts about Raj Mandir, The nine stars in the front wall of the theatre represent nine precious gems the Nav Ratnas.  Air conditioning inside the theatre release floral scent while every screening to give you a great experience.


So when you are in Jaipur next time don’t forget to give yourself a royal treat write to me if you have any query at