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What to wear in Rajasthan - Trip, Tour and Vacations

Khamma Ghani/ Namaste/ Hello


Here is my new blog dedicated for those who are planning to visit Rajasthan and are worried about what to pack and what not to pack for the Rajasthan Trip.


Almost every trip of a traveller starts with a simple question “What should be packed for vacation” or “What should I wear on the trip” and yes you are not alone in this dilemma everybody is even mesmiley.  Making sure that you carry right clothing relieves you from a lot of thinking that can interrupt your wonderful vacation.


Though there are no stricter rules on what to wear in Rajasthan, and most of the time selecting clothes for packing depends on the season you are planning your visit, you must take care that the selection of cloths are not too revealing nor too skinny. People of Rajasthan are still traditional and would allow you easily to blend in with them if you wear something that goes with their ethos. So let’s see what you should pack for a Rajasthan Trip.


To make your packing simpler I have divided the topic “What to wear when travelling to Rajasthan” by relating it to various seasons of the state. While the dressing varies on the basis of season it doesn’t get much affected by which part of the state you want to visit (Solution to what to wear remains almost same for Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Bikaner etc.), though there are few exceptions that I will discuss in later part of the blog.


Seasons of Rajasthan are broadly divided into three categories like wise summers, Rainy Season and winters. Let’s start with summers:


What to wear for Summers in Rajasthan-



If you are planning to visit Rajasthan in summers you have to be extra cautious as it is extremely hot and dry in day time though nights are a bit pleasant as the temperature falls at nights. To start your packing, get started with cloths that are light coloured and are loose so your body can breathe in. Cotton cloths are best as they are light and absorb sweat easily and fast.



For men-


Men should opt for wearing Full sleeves cotton shirt to prevent them from sunburn and tan in day time. For early morning and evening outing men can wear T-Shirts that are soft and comfortable. Cotton Trousers and shorts must also be preferred in packing to beat the heat and sweat.


 For Women-


Women can also carry full sleeves shirts and denim, skirt or shorts will be more preferable (remember not too short). 


Accessories to Pack for Rajasthan trip in Summers-


Whether man or woman, you must be sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses, a hat or a cap and a good pair of comfortable shoes as most of the tourist spots in Rajasthan are located uphill and most of the time you will have to walk to explore the place. Do carry a lot of drinking water or any liquid to keep you hydrated while exploring the State.



What to wear for Rainy Season in Rajasthan-


I would suggest this time period for most of the people as in this period of time Beauty of Rajasthan magnifies many folds and supports travellers to explore more. A few things to keep in mind for the season are; there are mosquitos so you must pack some repellent, also drink safe water prefer bottled water to keep you out of trouble of getting sick and spoiling your journey and last and most important travel light and select a good ground clearance vehicle for you trip (roads can be trouble sometimes).



For Men-


Men can pack with them full sleeves shirts (will save you from mosquito bites), a pair of denims and a set of good shoes. Do also carry a backpack to keep your belongings safe if it starts to rain suddenly.  Hooded Jacket or wind cheaters are preferable to escape from rains. A two piece raincoat can also come handy if you really want to keep yourself dry. Avoid the one piece raincoats they are not comfortable while walking the around hills.


For Women-


First things first avoid light coloured shirts and toppers, they reveal a lot when wet you don’t want unwanted attention. A good pair of denim can make your journey good by saving you from insect bites and the dirt. Do not wear any high heels as the routes to some of the places get muddy and wet, you don’t want to get stuck while others carry on enjoying. A good umbrella from the local market with traditional artwork will help you escape the rains and can beautify your selfiessmiley.



What to wear for winters in Rajasthan-


Winters are the best for the people coming from countries with cold temperatures; acclimatization is not a problem for them. Winters in Rajasthan are enjoyable and pleasant for every type of tourist activity, still the packing must include mix of woollen and light woollen clothing and you can also enjoy wearing every colour of your choice. 



For Men-


Men can pack full sleeves and half sleeves sweaters and jackets as per the liking. Full sleeves clothing will mostly come handy in the evening outing on the other hand half sleeves can be used for day outings. Woollen socks, good sunglasses, good pair of shoes and light gloves can also help you to beat the chill. A pair of denims can comfort you in the cold while you explore the place.


For Women-


I say it every time; women have lots of choices when it comes to clothing. You can buy lots of drapes to match your styling from local markets also you have a lot of choices in terms of colour and variety when it comes to Jackets, Sweaters and pullovers etc. The season and its climate supports everything you want to wear so don’t hesitate to pack anything.  


Some tips-


*In cities like Udaipur and Mount Abu, the climate remains similar all year so no specific guidelines are required on what to wear according to the season.

*Try not to pack too much, as everything is available in local markets of Rajasthan.


Hope you find my article helpful in planning your Journey. Do make sure you write to me about your experiences at